Highest Paid Tattoo Artist

Tattoos are more than ink on someone’s skin, they are a way of expressing both the person wearing the tattoo, and the person who placed the tattoo. This is why there are tattoo artists who can make anywhere from $20 per session to $1000 per session. In fact, the highest paid artist in the world makes $1000 per session, with $200 for every follow up session for that single tattoo.

Scott Campbell, from New Orleans, is known around the world for his tattooing talents. Deciding a life as a biochemist wasn’t an option, Campbell moved to San Francisco to begin his tattooing career. It was there that Campbell worked at Picture Machine, one of the oldest shops in California. Currently, he operates his own shop, Saved Tattoo, which can be found in Brooklyn, New York. His clients include Marc Jacobs, Josh Hartnett, Orlando Bloom, and even the dearly departed Heath Ledger.

And recently, Campbell has gained notability from fine art communities around the world for his works that include sculptures made out of US currency, a series of watercolor paintings that are based off his experiences in a maximum security prison that he stayed in for six weeks, and graphite drawings that have been done on the insides of eggshells. His latest event began October 7, 2016 and ended on the 9th in London. There, he tattooed six random people each day for three days without speaking to them or seeing them. This was achieved by the random people placing an arm through a hole in a wall, which Campbell sat on the other side of.

With his non-skin art now entering galleries, and his skin art being in high demand, it is no wonder why Campbell is the top paid tattoo artist around.